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BallBOPPer Prototype Demo Video Released

The BallBOPPer Prototype Demo Video has been released.

To view, click on the link above, or you can navigate to YouTube on any device and search on RoBOPPics (the capitalization does not matter, but the spelling does).

The Prototype Demo video demonstrates how you will be able to use the BallBOPPer autonomous tennis training robot to simulate the "Patterns of Play" of your next tennis opponent - to train and prepare you to win against their specific tactics and strategies.

RoBOPPics is currently updating the BallBOPPer prototype, based on what was learned during the shooting of the demo video, and finalizing development of the BallBOPPer 2024 Prototype. 

Once that work is completed, we will be doing in-person demonstrations for reviewers, and beginning work on the Kickstarter promo video. 

When the Kickstarter promo video is completed, we will open the Kickstarter "Preview" site to our subscribers and followers.

If you are a subscriber or follower, then you will be notified as soon as the Kickstarter Preview is available.

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