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When will the Prototype Demo video be available showing the BallBOPPer in action?

The first BallBOPPer Prototype Demo Video is available now. Click Prototype Demo Video. This video shows you how to use the BallBOPPer App to create "Patterns of Play", and Playlists. It then shows the execution of these by the BallBOPPer robot on a standard tennis court. More videos will be coming with the 2024 prototype.

When will the Kickstarter campaign take place?

When the prototype meets all of it's design criteria for speed, precision, safety and reliability, and we have the partners necessary to manufacture the BallBOPPer at the scale required for the Kickstarter campaign. We plan to deliver a quality product right out of the gate.

Is there any documentation that shows how the robot works?

The documentation site can be reached using the Docs link on this site. This info shows you how to create patterns, and then how to structure them into a Playlist for a longer repeatable training session. But for the latest and greatest, we recommend downloading the Android version of the BallBOPPer App and giving it a whirl. All current information may dramatically change when the BallBOPPer is officially released.

Where can I find out more?

Scroll to the bottom of this page and subscribe to our Newsletter. Follow RoBOPPics on LinkedIn or on FaceBook. If you have a specific question, you can send an email to info@roboppics.com.

What are "Patterns of Play"?

See our blog post entitled: "What are "Patterns of Play"?

When will the BallBOPPer App be available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store?

The beta version of the BallBOPPer App is available now in the Google Play Store at the following link: BallBOPPer App on Android. The iOS version is still in development and is planned for release at the same time that the first BallBOPPers ship to players.