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BallBopper One

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BallBopper One


Compact, battery operated, all-in-one tennis workout system includes everything you need.

Take the BallBopper and a tennis racquet to any tennis court - or any space big enough to swing a racquet - and get a fantastic and fun ball bopping workout.

Features include:

  • Compact, self contained, fits easily in the trunk of most cars
  • Has wheels and expanding handle for luggage style portability
  • Ball bopping head comes with spin control out of the box
  • Ball bopping rate control
  • Ball bopping velocity control 
  • Side to side oscillation control for a greater challenge
  • Vertical (up and down) oscillation control for an even greater challenge
  • Ball bucket snaps out of the BallBopper to make it quick and easy to retrieve your balls 
  • Ball bucket is specially designed to work as a ball retriever which you snap back into the BallBopper when full
  • Ball bucket includes 40 pressureless balls
  • Battery and charger - battery will power the BallBopper for up to five hours depending upon ball bopping rate and velocity

The BallBopper is so convenient and easy to use that you'll want to workout with it every day. The world is full of public courts that sit empty. Use them for a great fun workout!

    The BallBopper will be available first on Kickstarter and will not be available here until all Kickstarter orders are fulfilled. 

    You can receive advance information on the BallBopper along with a special invite to the BallBopper Kickstarter campaign by registering on this site as a Roboppics.com customer.