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What are "Patterns of Play"?

What are "Patterns of Play"?

The BallBOPPer is specifically designed for training tennis players on Tennis "Patterns of Play".

It is extremely important to master the basic skills of tennis: your grip, your forehand, your backhand, your movement, split step, serving and returning... But an equally important capability, that makes all the difference in a close match, is your decision making.

Tennis "Patterns of Play" refer to the various strategies and tactics used by players during a match to gain an advantage over their opponent. These can include things like serving patterns, shot selection, court positioning, and so on.

Tennis Patterns of Play can be categorized by playing styles, such as: the serve and volley, where a player serves and then quickly rushes towards the net to try to hit a volley; the baseline game, where a player stays back behind the baseline and rallies with their opponent until they get an opportunity to hit a winner; and the chip-and-charge, where a player hits a short, low slice shot and then rushes towards the net in an attempt to hit a volley.

Different players have different strengths and weaknesses, and you need to decide between different Patterns of Play depending on your own abilities, and those of your opponent. And you need to make these decisions with a minimal amount of conscious thought. Too much thinking during play will interfere with execution, causing unforced errors.

You need to practice your tactical and strategic decision making, before the match, until it is second nature. And that is what the BallBOPPer is designed to do.

The Patient Trickster Challenge, shown above in the BallBOPPer App's Pattern Designer, demonstrates the use of Repeating Ranges (Shots 02 and 04), Alternate Shots (Shots 01, 04 and 06) and shot probability to create a sophisticated simulation of a particular player's tactics and strategies.

The player being simulated is a counter-puncher, who gets everything back, is very patient, and uses every trick in the book: a random down-the-line shot, moon balls to drive you back, dropshots to pull you forward, and topspin lobs to drive you crazy.

Once you setup a pattern like this, one that mimics your next opponent's favorite patterns, the BallBOPPer let's you practice against them as many times as you want. Giving you the ability to adapt your tactics and strategy to their playing style, and training you to make better decisions that can help you win.

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